Saturday, August 29, 2015

Weekly Summary

This past week was crazy busy!  

Monday, we did school work in the AM, took some work on the go, and spent the afternoon at Homer Lake Preserve at the playscape, and I had Fit Club.

Tuesday, the kids at speech services, work in the AM, I had to get bloodwork done, we all had dentist appointment for cleanings, the Zane had flag football practice.  

WEdnesday, school work, piano lessons, and Zumba in the evening.

Thursday, kids had speech, school work in the AM, Gareth went with me to Champaign for a thyroid doctor appointment, ate early dinner with my dad, Gareth had his first soccer practice, Zane had flag football practice.  

Friday, school work, fun science experiments, load and move garage sale items to Nana's.  

Saturday, Zane had a flag football game, we had a garage sale in town at Nana's, and I vacuumed the interior of 2 vehicles

Brian worked on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday evening.  
baking soda/vinegar volcano

baking soda/vinegar rocket

electricity with lemons/wire/digital clock

 We were having to manage the schedule with alternating time on the computer.  We are able to do SOME of the work on their tablets as well, but not all.  They also have worksheets to keep them working as well.  Papa John is lending us his extra laptop, which came in helpful this week.  On Mondays and Fridays, when Brian goes into the office, we are able to set up a kid on each computer (main, dad's laptop, Papa's laptop) and bust the work out.

work on the go - making good use of travel time

Favorite part of the week:  Homer Lake

worn out mama!  

kitties greet us as we return home

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Homeschool Adventure Begins - Week 1

We officially started school On Tuesday the 18th.   We made it through our first homeschool week. Started off with a field trip (fun day), moved to a rough (real work) start, then transitioned to confirmation of the reasons we chose this route. Already needing to adjust curriculum and expectations. I am sure it will be a journey of all kinds of ups and downs....just glad this week ended the way it did. The day lasted much longer than anticipated.  The kids are still maneuvering the websites we are using and I may be trying to fit too much in one day. ;)  There is so much to talk about and learn! :)    

1st grade - Iris

2nd grade - Zane
4th grade - Gareth
The zoo and children's museum (field trip day)  pics got uploaded to the bottom of the post.  They should be here.  
Beyond the basics, these were some of my favorite results.

We made a few different origami projects.  Here is 2 Face wearing a hat.

  Shadow science

art project

Zane's bald eagle
 Gareth's duck and bee - never knew he could draw like this and enjoy it as much as he has.  :)  

Iris did the best job on the 1st day of creative writing.  She took the time to draw 3 pics and sentences.  

new bird at zoo

zoo with friends

showing off the man parts!  

new feature at museum -video games on the floor - they worked up a sweat

another new feature was this theater stage and dress up clothes.  They had a lot of fun with it! I love this one of Iris.