Sunday, November 22, 2015

Weekly Review

Another great week in the books! 

Monday: kids had a lesson in money (talked about my paycheck, taxes taken out, different kinds of bank accounts, paying for things via cash, checks, debit, credit, then deposited the check at the bank), they have been writing letters and sending packages weekly at the post office, and we went to the library.  

Tuesday:  kids had speech, I subbed at DDC - perfect day to sub as it was staff's Thanksgiving dinner day.  :)  

Wednesday:  The kids and I went to Krannert and saw Me and My Shadow theatre production.  It was charming and creative.  I have no pics from the performance since photography is prohibited.  Here is a clip from youtube  I really enjoyed it.  

We walked across the street to Spurlock and spent some time wandering around there.   Below are some pics from there.  

Zane immediately recognized Venus de Milo (larger statue)  He used this in his rocks and minerals presentation for his 4H project as an example of marble.  

In our science studies, we are learning about biomes.  In this experiment, we were learning about estuaries, where fresh water meets saltwater.  

demonstration of estuary

For art this week, we learned more about Salvador Dali.  We did a couple art projects,bt here are the pics I took.
Iris's Dali inspired project

Carla's Dali inspired project.  I came up with all kinds of explanations for my pics after I put it together....I think the recent hatred in the world for people who are different really caught up with me in this one......the snake is spewing out green evil, the tree of knowledge, religious influence/symbols, the tree representing nature/beauty, but it is poisoned by the hatred,  the stars beyond, technology of space travel, reaching beyond the stars, the bigger picture, what is important vs what people are consumed with......take a look, deep, right?!  ;)  All from some magazine cutouts.  ;)  

our sweet puppy coming in to visit us
Thursday:  homeschool group - owl pellets, lunch out.  
met up with our homeschool group to dissect owl pellets.  Lots of fun and interesting.  

First snow of the season

Despite having 2 large barns to go into, the cats still like to hang out on the front porch on the chance they will see their humans more often.  The kids have been bringing the cats in to give them extra living.  They don;t stay long, but we are enjoying all the new kitties.  They have been doing a good job killing mice and voles and what not.  

I made this for them to hang out in while on the front porch 

another place to hang out on the porch

we cleaned out the garage and turned the entire building into a chicken coop.  The chickens have been enjoying the extra inside area to stay in when it is tool wet or cold.  

still getting lots of eggs

took out a half wall where their small coop was in the back of the garage.  Their entry way can be seen on the left bottom corner.

along the south wall, we kept a small enclosed area, where we can put a brooder when we get small chicks.
We will be getting some new chicks in the spring and culling some of the older layers.
Life is good on the farm.  Brian is taking vacation time this next week and we have started cleaning and sorting through junk.  Looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner and a more relaxed week.  Have a great week.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Weekly Review

Another week recorded in history!  Here is what ours looked like.  

Monday:  Fit Club for me

Tuesday:  Gareth and Iris had speech services, daddy took the day off to play a new Fallout 4 game, Iris and I picked up Girl Scout Fall Product Sales and sorted it with co-leaders.  

Wednesday:  attended Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Veteran's Day event at Mahomet Forest Preserve.  Play in park.   Had lunch with Papa Grant.  Went to the Art Theater and watched Suffragette.  

Thursday:  G and I speech, subbed at DDC, library, picked up Girls on the Run 5K run packet, Fit Club.

Friday:  Gareth and Zane - piano lessons, documentary day - watched one about Antarctica, since we are discussing continents.

Saturday:  Girls on the Run 5K race, 4H meeting and community service

SUnday:  built a chicken roost for expanded area, cleaning house

checking out a book
4 calicos - can you find them all?!  :)  the kids bring these rodents in every once in awhile for extra lovin.  ;)
Fallout 4

Zane chose an old recipe from hi Kindergarten cookbook to prepare:  Rudy the Reindeer
Gareth chose Oreo balls, Iris chose pancakes

before our GOTR race! 

they look excited, huh?!  

we did it!  This was the 2nd time I ran the WHOLE 5K without stopping till the finish!  woohoo!  

4H meeting:  discussed painting with emotion (anger, calm, happy) and discussed 4 styles of painting - cubism, impressionism, pointillism, and pop art

our club raked some leaves on the square

eating her snack

most of our the 4H club members, missing a few