Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday Summary

Gareth had a game on Wednesday night and his last game was on Saturday.

Saturday was a good day.  We had the basketball game, got the chicken coop cleaned out, had a 4H meeting where we talked about electricity, then went to Hindsboro fundraiser where we had a good meal.

Sunday (today) we cleaned up the house a bit, had out first cook out over at Papa John's (Brian's dad).  He lives on Lake Oakland.  We walked over to the park, then went to see Cinderella at the movie theater.  Beautiful weather today.

Bingo, Papa's new pup.  He is a rat terrier.

the ice on the lake, in background, is finally melting.

Bingo likes playing with the kids

Nana came over with Daisy.

going on a walk

last order/shipment of Girl Scout cookies that need sorted.  
Have a good week!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Summary

Sorry, no pics this week.

MOnday:  I got to stay home for Camir Pulaski Day, celebrate Cosmo's birthday with him in peace and quiet, while Brian and the kids had to go off and be responsible for the day.  Iris and I had a Girl Scout meeting that evening.

Tuesday:  the kids got a inclement weather day off from school.  They were home with Brian working from home.  I drove very slowly to work that morning - very icy. The boys had piano lessons.

Wednesday:  Gareth had a basketball game.

Thursday:  dinner at Nana's.

Friday:  pizza and movie night

Saturday:  my mom's 67 birthday.  Gareth had a basketball game.  We went to the library and out for lunch.

Sunday (today): this heathen went to church. It was Girl Scout Sunday. We use a Methodist Church basement in our community for our meetings. They invited us and since no one else from our troop came, I felt it would be nice to go and show my appreciation for the use of their space with my co-leader. Otherwise, she would have been by herself with her 2 daughters. She talked about what our troop has been doing and learning.  We said the GS Promise and sang our opening and closing song for the congregation. During coffee, cookies, and fellowship - I worked that room - catching up with neighbors, meeting others in the community, talking with almost everyone! I sure would be a great church going member if it wasn't for all that stuff I don't believe in.  ;)

Brian and I keep talking about homeschooling more and more.....our current plan is to do a trial run in the summer and see how the kids respond.  I have been pinning and bookmarking like crazy.  The boys are mainly interested right now.  Iris still desires public school and at this time, that might be best for her.  I think she benefits from other influences in her education setting.  I think at some point, she will respond well with us, but would continue to benefit from an outside influence right now......

We started some seeds inside today.  Broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, tomato, peppers.  

Have a great week!  

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Summary

Here is a quick run down of the schedule for last week:  

Monday:  Nothing beyond work and school
Tuesday evening:  The boys had their piano lesson
Wednesday:  Gareth had a basketball game
Thursday:  I had to help collect Girl Scout money for cookies our troop sold so far.  
Friday:  we watched a Star Trek movie for movie night.  The actor who played Spock died this past week.  We watched a couple more Star Trek movies this weekend to honor his life.  
Saturday:  Gareth had a basketball game.  Iris went out in the evening with a couple of girlfriends to a movie and dinner.  She had a a great time.  
Sunday:  we played out in the freshly fallen snow.  I shoveled a walkway to the road and to the cars. I made a yummy minestrone for dinner - hit the spot!  

Tomorrow, I have off from work for Casmir Pulaski, but my kids have school!!!!  I need to finish up planning for a Girl Scout meeting, but plan to enjoy my quiet time!  :)  

Tomorrow is Cosmo's 1st birthday! He has been fed all kinds of treats this weekend.  Got steak for 2 days in a row!  

The kids celebrated Read Across America at school this past week.  There were dress up days all week:  Pajama Day, Silly Sock DAy, Wacky Wednesday, Favorite Dr Seuss Character DAy, and Hat Day.  

Fox in Socks, Hop on Pop, Cat in the Hat

been reading up for my visit to Argentina in a month.  Did you know I have to pay $160 entry fee JUST to enter the country?!  Yep.  Weird.  I am looking forward to it, but have anxiety about visiting a foreign city.  

More snow!  

Made a path for the kids to walk to the bus tomorrow.   
Nothing too exciting going on....Have a good week!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Summary

Oh my!  What a week!  A terrible virus, probably flu, hit our household all week.  Everyone eventually got it.  Headache, drainage, sore throat, achiness, coughing, phlegm, high fever....ugh!  We all missed at least 1 day of school/work.  Finally, thankfully, we are all on the mend.  

Monday - we were off for President's Day, Thursday was a "snow" (extreme temps) day.  The boys missed their piano lessons due to illness.  Gareth's basketball games was cancelled due to bad weather.  It was a lazy, lots of movie watching kind of week.  

Saturday, we got a beautiful snow.  We all went out to play in it.  Cosmo loves the snow and cold weather.  We tried out his harness and he pulled the kids on the sled.  

Today, I intend on making dinner for a friend who just had major surgery.  Just waiting to see if she is going to be released today.  

Anyways, here are pics from the week.  

OMG!  This kid barely drank or ate anything for 3 whole days because it hurt his loose tooth/gums.  He had tears a few times as we urged him to eat/drink, especially after him being ill.  He kept saying it hurt too bad, AND he would not let us touch his tooth. We all celebrated when he lost the damn thing!   

Jeremy is the lone survivor of the old man kitties.  We had 7 cats all adopted within a year of each other - all about the same age. I have been being nice to him and allowing him to come in for short periods of time.  There is no kitty litter box inside, so he is kicked back out regularly.   He now expects it and whines like a stereotypical Siamese cat, scratching at the door.  
 The kids are looking forward to spring as we told them we would probably let them pick out 3 kittens to add to the farm.  We need some new mousers!  They have already been discussing names.
We have started watching Roswell recently.  

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Summary

I hope everyone's week went well.  Here is the run down of our eventful week.  

Monday:  Zane and Iris participated in their school book club over lunch.

Tuesday:  My dad turned 60 years old.  Gareth and Zane had piano lessons.

Wednesday:  Gareth had his first basketball game,  We enjoyed watching him and having both Nana and Papa John present to watch as well.  

Thursday:  I dressed up for work as the school had a Valentine Dance in the afternoon.  That evening, I helped pick up 83 cases of Girl Scout cookies, move them down to a basement, and sort them to our individual girls in our troop for pick up.  Wore us the hell out!  

Friday:  We had a chili cook off and chocolate extravaganza at my job.  I stuffed my self full!  That evening, we all went to see Miss Iris perform her kiddie cheer between high school basketball games.  On the way home, we ate at the Church of Pizza Man in Newman.  A few years ago, we were passing by this restaurant on a Sunday around lunch.  The parking lot was full, so we figured it was open for business.  We stopped for lunch, only to find out the restaurant is NOT open for food on Sunday - it serves as a church location.  We were invited to stay, but politely declined.  ;)  Ever since then, we call it the Church of Pizza Man.  :)  

Saturday:  Gareth had a basketball game.  We had a 4H meeting.  The Cloverbud lesson was about constellations.  Since it is also Black History Month, I read The Drinking Gourd by Jeanette Winter.  I played a youtube video/song that goes along with the book.  It is an interesting story of how slaves escaping from the South to the North was taught a song and followed the drinking gourd (Big Dipper) on their way.  We made our own constellations on paper using hole punched white paper on black paper and connected the dots and named our constellation.  We also made our own constellations by punching tiny holes in aluminum foil paper that covered the large opening of a funnel and shining a flashlight through the small opening.  We turned out the lights and shined our stars through the funnel on to the wall.  It was neat.  

Sunday:  LAZY day!  Gareth is visiting a friend for the afternoon.  The other kids are currently watching a Narnia show.    I intend on doing some sewing and minimal housework.  

Life is good.  A bit busy, but looking forward to my trip to Argentina in April and the end of the school year.  I plan to work hard in the garden this summer, go to the pool A LOT, and read some good books!  

Following are pics taken through the week:

trying hard to NOT smile

a good tickle will do it!  

See the expression from Gareth?  We get this expression a lot from this pre-teen.  ;)  

Iris with her best friend, Amera