Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Iris - School Year 2014-2015 Interview

Iris - Kindergarten

Teacher:  Miss Annie Shiley

Best Friends: Amera, Madison, Jordin, Mae, Jonika

FAve thing to play: monkey bars, slide, dress up/pretend house/pretend animals, swings, stuffed animals

fave color:  pink and purple

fave books:  Fancy Nancy, Piggie and Elephant series by Mo Willems, Because I am Your DAd, Rocket dog books

fave movies:  Frozen, Beauty and the Beast

fave foods:  cupcakes, Thara Thai, Taco Bell, Chinese buffet, noodles, birthday cakes

When I grow up:  I want to be a singer.  I want to be a  mail lady.

Something I REALLY like:  horses, unicorns, rainbows, my name, my rainbow fairy plastic figure collection, my unicorn hat

Something I do NOT like:  when my brothers are mean to me, Teen Wolf TV show, not being in school

Fave things about myself:  I have a special name (iris of eyes, Iris flowers, Greek rainbow goddess).  That I am Girl Scout

Something I want to do this year:  Have fun in the water sprinkler this summer. Go to Bouncin Barn in Terre Haute again.  (went last week for her bday)

Fave songs/singers:  Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Megan Trainor (sp?) - All ABout that BAss, Frozen soundtrack, especially Let it Go and Do You Wanna Build a Snowman

FAve game to play:  Hide n Seek, Tag, Freeze Tag, Simon Says, Wii - Just DAnce

If I ran the World:  Make everyone nice

WHat do you want to learn more about:  how to count to 100.  More about horses.

Extracurricular activities:  Flag football, Girl Scouts, 4H Cloverbuds, Dance Camp, Cheer Camp, piano lessons from October - January.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Scrapbook Sunday

I have a crap load of photographs.  I also have tons of scrapbook supplies that have been left unused due to me caring for young children these past several years.  I have dedicated part of Sundays as scrapbooking time, even if it is used to complete 1-2 pages.  My scrapbook supplies are scattered in many spots.  I want to organize it in one location, but have limited space in the old farm house.  I may try to work on this in the coming weeks.  

The only scrapbooks I have totally completed are my wedding and honeymoon.  I also have worked on a pet scrapbook,but have not updated all the recent deaths of our old man kitties and the addition of our sweet Cosmo. Gareth's baby scrapbook is mostly done.  I have baby books for Zane and Iris that are less completed.  I also have plans for several more scrapbooks.

All kids to have a school scrapbook - they each have a book and I slip their school pic, report cards, and important papers/pics in the plastic sleeves.  I also want to do an interview with the kids each year asking questions.  I actually performed Iris's interview this evening and will be making a separate post with her answers.   I hope to get the boy's interviews completed in the next couple of weeks.

4H for all kids - I am still trying to decide to do only 1 family album or each child to have an album.  I am leaning towards 1 family album since many of the pics taken are of the 4H group and I don't want to print 3 pics of the same pic for each of their albums.  For their presentations/projects, I will try to do individual pages with just their information, so if they ever want to take the pages to make individual books later, they can.

Iris - Girl Scouts - we have a book and have been working together on it the last few weeks.  It has been fun having her help in the decision making.  The pages don't always turn out the way I want, but like that she has a say in the layout/presentation of her book.

Family history/genealogy - we have a book and many papers and pics printed to add to it.  We went to my Aunt Sue's house and copied lots of her genealogy work.  We have lots of cool history and old photographs.
Halloween themes- just want to make a fun presentation of all our family Halloween costumes

Paxton - where I grew up.  I have a book and several photographs printed.  However, I took pics many years ago, using actual film.  I would love to go back to Paxton and take some shots with my digital camera and edit them to improve the images.

I want to make some easy snapfish books or do a blog2print album, but with as many photographs I take, it gets expensive!!!  I like that this blog serves as an online scrapbook of sorts.  However, I still prefer to sit with a big photo album across my lap, looking at pictures and recalling wonderful memories.

Sunday Summary

Monday:  we had the day off from school to honor Martin Luther King, Jr.

Tuesday:  Gareth had GO Boys after school (health/fitness group), then had piano lessons.

Iris decided she no longer wanted to put the practice in for piano.  When she gets a bit older she might try again.

Wednesday:  Zane had piano lesson after school.

Thursday:  the kids and I had a dentist appointment for cleaning.  No cavities!

Friday:  we had a our traditional pizza and movie night. We watched Alexander and the Horrible, Terrible, No Good Day or whatever the name is called inspired by the book.

Saturday:  Iris and I went to a Princess and Pizza Girl Scout event in Decatur.  It was fun. While out, we returned books to the library and got the oil changed in the van.  We had lunch with my friend, Jen, and her girls at Steak n Shake.  SnS's new Cajun seasoned fries are yummy.

This morning, we went up and finished my mom's apartment.  We had to get a van load of stuff and clean it up a bit.  I talked with her on the phone today.  She seems to be doing well. Since we were up in Champaign Urbana area, we ate lunch at our favorite restaurant, Thara Thai.  This afternoon, Iris and I worked on a couple of pages for her Girl Scout scrapbook.

I managed to read a couple of books this last few weeks.  I read The Witch of Blackbird Pond and Ophelia, both which I enjoyed.  Yesterday, I started reading A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson.  It is about his adventures walking the Appalachian Trail.    I have been wanting to read for leisure more, so was glad to get some reading done.

I continue to be frustrated with not getting tasks done around here due to having to work.  Brian also shares this dissatisfaction.  This job has made me overly tired and has killed my creativity.  Our lifestyle and what we want to do on this homestead needs somebody full time, especially when the fruit trees start producing more. I am also being pulled more and more towards thoughts of homeschooling......nothing specific has happened  to increase these thoughts, but they are there nonetheless.  We will meet some financial goals, as long as nothing catastrophic happens, by the start of summer.  I am looking forward to decisions being made to determine what may be next in our future.

I have been researching places to visit during my stay in Buenos Aires, Argentina in April.  I am nervous about being in a foreign city, possibly doing some exploring on my own, without being fluent in their language, but am excited to see loved ones and see some interesting places. They have some amazing architecture, an AWESOME cemetery, and some beautiful neighborhoods and parks.  Last night, I had a dream I was lost in a strange place.  I guess I DO have a bit of anxiety if I am dreaming about it.  :)

That is about it.  Have a great week!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Princess and the Pizza Girl Scout event

Had a great morning with my daughter, then had lunch with a friend.  Got a few errands run and relaxed this evening.  Successful day!  :)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Summary

Whew!  I am glad this week is over!  It has been a little emotional, busy, tiring...I have had more negative, judgmental thoughts than positive thoughts....and I don't like that....

Monday, we had a Girl Scout meeting.  The Daisies earned their Respect Authority patch.  We are gearing up for cookie selling time.  I DISLIKE selling stuff.

I was internally irritated/judging when in the midst of a conversation about surrogacy, one person asked another if she could perform surrogacy and she didn't think so - that she would have to ask.  Who does she need to ask? Her pastor.  REALLY?! I mean I get CONSULTING a respected leader, but to not ultimately have control over your own body?!  What if he is an idiot?!  It just bugged me......she seems totally content with the need to do it, so I kept my judgy thoughts to myself.  

Iris turned 6 on Wednesday!  She requested tacos for dinner. We had her Pink Pirate Party yesterday.  Lots of fun times this weekend!  

Iris lost her first tooth!  She was REALLY weird about it with me too!  Zane was actually the one to tell me about it before dinner when he noticed.  After being all secretive, keeping her mouth closed ALL evening and refusing to talk about it, she finally confided at bedtime that it came out during PE in the gym, it dropped, and she couldn't find it because it matched the white floor of the gym.  She was breaking my heart not sharing my excitement about it.  She still got $3.00 for this so called missing tooth.  She finally showed me the empty spot too.  WHy did she have to play this weird power trip?!  ARGH!  I wonder what this girl is going to hide from me when she gets older?!!!

My mom was loaded up on Thursday and has made her move out to Rapid City, SD.  She was unable to fit everything on the moving truck, so we are left with a mess.  We went this morning to get a load, I will return one more time, then will need to do some cleaning of her apartment. We will store her stuff until she returns this summer.    I talked with her this evening.  She is on the 4th floor of a high rise apartment building and it sounds like it will actually be a nice place, once she gets settled.

I was a bit saddened to observe my child hug and say I love you to someone meaningful and not get a similar response back.  Kids will learn that not everyone is comfortable with this kind of affection, but it was still hard to watch as a parent.

At work, a sparrow had found it's way into the building and was above the drop ceiling.  A co-worker and myself had a lot of fun taking the ceiling tiles out and eventually catching the little bird and releasing it outside.  It took several minutes with the bird escaping our grasps several times and flying about. It was nice to have some fun at work!  

I got my January 5K in this morning.  Amazingly, our driveway to Nana's driveway in town is exactly 3.1 miles - pretty awesome.  I ran/walked it and Brian met me there with the kids.  With waking up at 4:45 AM and not falling back asleep, running the 5K,  AND moving my mom's boxes, AND taking the kids to a 4H SKate Party this evening, my butt is whooped.  

Really, in the big pic of the world, my problems are zilch.  I have some pretty first world problems to deal with.  Time to suck it up and put that pretty face on again!  :)  Have a good week, people!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Iris turns 6 - Pink Pirate Birthday Party

 Iris had her birthday party today.  She chose  a Pink Pirate theme.  We had a get together at the house for about 90 minutes, then drove over to The Bouncin Barn in Terre Haute, IN.  Everyone had fun.
pretty pirate

pirate treasure chest filled with gold coins

gang of girls

tired mama chose to buy cupcakes

making a wish

her loot

on the way to The Bouncin Barn

Iris with her best friend

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday Summary

Wow- I took ZERO pictures this past week!  There have been times that it has felt weird to not constantly have my camera with me AND there are some things I have seen that I thought I should snap a picture, but I have not really missed the project.

My new project of running a 5K each month has not happened yet.  I have half a month left.  ;) I really want to exercise more regularly, but it hasn't happened yet.  WHY is is so freaking hard to get in this routine???!!!  I FEEL better after doing it......

Everyone started back to work and school, only to have school cancelled due to extreme cold temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday.

Saturday, we had a 4H meeting.  I led a lesson for the Cloverbuds on magnets.

My mom called Saturday morning to tell me that she will be moving to Rapid City, SD THIS week.  Her name came to the top of the housing list out there and she has to jump now or be moved to the bottom of the list.  We picked up boxes for her and went to her house last night to help her start packing.  My brother in law will be here Wednesday morning. Brian or I will go help load her stuff on Wednesday.  I have a ton of mixed feelings about it.  I will be sad that she will not be able to visit my children as often as she does.  In the end of all my feelings, I THINK SHE will be happier there.  I think she will be more active, participating with my sister's church and family life. My mom living there MAY allow us to go there more often, having someplace to stay.  I would like to see my sister and her daughter's more.  My mom is overwhelmed at the moment.  I hope the transition goes as smoothly as possible. We have plans to skype as soon as we can once she is moved.  I expect my emotions about it will be jumbled a bit for awhile.

The dog has not minded this cold weather at all.  He will come in and spend time with his people and sometimes sleep inside during the day.  His fur coat is beautiful.  He DID spend the night inside one night last week during sub zero temps.  We have 2 chicken coops running along the walls of the garage.  Only one has chickens in it, so we put fresh straw and opened it up for Cosmo.  He usually sleeps in the rear of that coop -he has made a nest for himself and seems quite happy.  I think he MOSTLY wants to come in to see us and he is bored.  My house looks like we live in a barn often as he will bring in little bits of straw from his den.  It then gets dropped on my floor!  Outside, I often see him laying on the cold ground keeping an eye on things, barking at anything out of the ordinary.  This weather is TOTALLY his element.  He is a great dog.  

Today, I have to review some stuff for a Girl Scout meeting tomorrow.  We are doing laundry and cleaning the house a bit.  I plan on working with Iris on her Girl Scout Daisy scrapbook.  We are baking a ham and Brian has requested I make my yummy sweet potato/pecan casserole.

Have a great week.