Monday, May 25, 2015

Springtime on the Farm

Photo dump of springtime pics.

Third time the charm?  The last 2 years, our bees died over the winter.  Was it the extreme temps?  Was it too near the field that gets overhead sprayed with pesticide?  Dunno...we have moved them to a different location and got new bees and started them off strong with additional food.  Let's hope for honey next year! 

This little girl has conquered the bike!  She can now ride all by herself!  

Our gardens


sleepy boy

Brian with his new scythe

Miss Iris helping in the garden

going on a boat ride on our pond after a hard day's work

cleaning out animal shed to get ready for our new kids

shoveling shit from cattle who resided here years ago - moved this stuff  to the garden
Hope your spring has been as productive as ours!  

4H International Night

The last couple of years, our local 4H group has participated in an International Night with other clubs from our area.  This year, we presented on Mexico.  Gareth presented a section on bordering countries.  After the presentations, we ate samples of food from the presented countries.  Very enjoyable evening.  


Girls on the Run - April 2015

I'm playing catch up on the blog pictures/psts.  Spring is a crazy busy time on the farm.  I have posted pics on facebook, but did not want to do posts until my Argentina trip posts were completed.  Not sure how much information I will post, but wanted to do at least a photo dump.  

A week after I returned from my trip, we ran in our second Girls on the Run race.  It is always a fun event.   Following are pics I took that day.

Iris getting high fives

EIU band cheering us on

Zane and Brian waiting for the rest of us to finish

here comes Gareth-O!  

I LOVE these people!  

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Argentina Trip - Day 6- Last Full Day

My last full day in Argentina was spent at a farm tour/entertainment show and Jeremias's birthday party.  

E and R gave me the farm tour as a going away gift.  It was cool to see what a farm was like in Argentina.  

To get to the destination to start the tour, I had to to travel on the subway to downtown all by myself!  I have conquered this city!  :)  
Upon arriving to Estancia Santa Susana, we were given wine and yummy empanadas.  We were free to walk into the old house that was set up as a museum.  It had lots of beautiful antiques.

had it's own worship/church room

allergies, anyone?  Watch the pollen coming off this thing in the video below!  

I got to go horseback riding.  It had been several years since last being on a horse.  

our dinner is cooking over coals.  Chicken steak, smelled amazing!  

I drank WAY TOO MUCH of this wine!  I was feeling warm and fuzzy headed!  
Entertainment: Tango, music, bollitos (balls on rope)


The cowboys gave us a herding and entertainment performance as well.  


I hurried back to the hotel, freshened up, then attended Jeremias's birthday party at a local venue.  I met many wonderful people.

the VIP


2 of my favorite gals - Laura and Jorgelina

these girls would be my gang if I lived in Buenos Aires - beautiful women with beautiful souls.

had to take this pic as proof that most other countries do NOT refrigerate their eggs.  Here they are between cereal and bread, then they get taken home and placed on the counter top.  My co-workers did not believe me.  
The next morning was my last.  We walked to a flea market where I purchased some crafty things for my kids and stopped by the store to get some yummy treats to bring home.  I was excited to get home to my family.  I had a wonderful vacation, was incredibly grateful for the love that E and R showed to me while there.  It was truly a blessing to celebrate Jeremias' 1st birthday.  I love this family!