Monday, July 25, 2011

Iris at the park

Iris and I got some 1:1 time when both boys went for swim lessons. I dropped the boys off, ran some errands in town, then stopped by the local park. She is such a big girl - growing so fast, talking up a storm lately! She has been such a cutie pie lately!

Quilt for Ari

At the beginning of the year, there was one of those silly things going around on facebook that I usually ignore, but thought I might enjoy this one so I did it. I signed up on an old grade school friend's status to receive something handmade from her, if I agreed to make something homemade for the 1st 5 people who signed up on my status stating the plan.

This quilt is going to Ari, a girl I went to HS with in West Frankfort. She said her favorite colors were purple, orange, and lime green. Hope she likes it!

I want to keep everything I make! lol

Protein for Chickens

We picked over 20 of the horn worms that can demolish ones tomato plants! The birds LOVED finishing them off! Since the first big batch was exterminated, there have only been 1-3 a day that has to be removed. Thank you chickens, ducks, and guinea fowl! Taking care of business!

Protein, get your protein!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nana and Aunt Bob and more cousins!

This past weekend, we went up to Downers Grove. Nana and Mr. Hankie was in town from Arizona, Aunt Bob and family was in town from New Jersey. We met up at Aunt Pat's house where she always hosts great meals. We spent the night at a hotel Saturday night - the kids loved the hotel! TV, a pull out couch bed, a drop down from wall bed, AC! Gareth tells us "when he grows up, he is going to live in a hotel!" lol Sunday, we went out for breakfast and explored a little of Morton Arboretum. We learned that Aunt Bob is pregnant with her 3rd child! Maybe it will be a boy and balance things out for Nana! :)
We have had a lot of family time this past week! Enjoy the pics! Some of my favorites are below the slideshow.

Monday, July 11, 2011

A visit to Aunt Angel's

While my sister and nephew were here, we took a trip over to Danville to visit my sister, Angel. My niece Tijuanda went with us and my niece Courtney was also there with her 2 children, Kameron and Sicellia.

Here is my mom with all of her daughters: me, Carrie, mom, and Angel

2 beauties: Iris and Aunt Carrie

Aunt Carrie with our kiddos

Pillow fight!

me and my gigantor nephew, who is 6'3" and not even 16 years old yet!

Zane, Carrie, Sicellia

Kids playing

beached whales: Carrie due in November, I am due with the surrogacy pregnancy in December

Gareth with big cousin Danno

Tea time

Lake Shelbyville

Last week, while Aunt Carrie and Cousin Danno were here, we went to Lake Shelbyville to the beach. Papa and Luz came along too. We had a great time.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Fireworks 2011

This year, we skipped the big firework show. Last year we attended the Arthur Fireworks. They start at 9:30. It is already past the kids bedtime and they were initially interested, but then got overtired and ran around like monkeys and did not listen well. We will try again in a couple of years. We just stayed home and did pop its, poppers, and sparklers. The kids had a great time.

Danno helping Iris on the pogo stick

my pretty lil' bobblehead

Good pic of my momma with one of our hens

Iris celebrating