Friday, March 30, 2012

Zane the zombie fighter

Asian inspired, Chuck Norris, Zorro, cowboy, army fighting, Miami Vice, zombie fighting boy wearing his suit made of metal. LOVE this kid!

Rendering the zombies toothless cracked me up!

Gareth's spring school picture - Kindergarten

my handsome boy

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bandana dress

A local friend saw a dress similar to this on pinterest and asked if I could help her make one for her daughter. I have been wanting to make some pillowcase dresses similar to this and some bandana skirts, so I said sure. Everything is 50% off at our local Jo-Ann's fabric store since they are relocating mid-April. The dress cost me about $3.25 to make with everything on sale. It took me about an hour to make, but since I have made one now, I could probably whip one together in less than half that time. There are several tutorials on line, but I chose this one. I bought several bandanas for the projects I want to make. I made Miss Lucy's yesterday and her mama picked it up this afternoon and loved it. I am looking forward to seeing Miss Lucy and her blonde curls in it!

Here is Miss Iris modeling it for me. I think I am going to make a dark blue one for Iris.

starting to tire of the pic taking....

Can I take this thing off already, mom???

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Getting stuff done

Yesterday: 2 bird houses placed, shepherd's hook with 2 bird feeders placed outside the kitchen window so we can easily see the birds. Still need to put up the bat house. Need to finish cleaning out the garage as new chicks and ducklings are coming soon - got rid of 5 bags of garbage though. Elvis the rooster attacked Zane - jumped up and pecked him on the upper arm, left a mark - have a feeling he will be dinner soon.

Today: planted 100 strawberry, 12 blueberry, 5 poplar, 4 elderberry, 2 weeping willow, 3 cornelian cherry, 2 orange quince, some straw mulch thrown in the annual garden area, LOTS of wood mulch placed around various plants. Kids had fun running wild and free around the yard! AND - we are lucky enough for the rain to hold off until we came in for the evening and NOW it is watering all those plants! Perfect!

Tomorrow: need to plant 5 horseradish, 100 asparagus, 5 rhubarb, 2 white mulberry, lots more mulch moved and maybe a nap!

It rained for a bit yesterday. Iris and Zane took it upon themselves to play in the puddles!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kids are enjoying spring break

We have been outside a lot lately with this beautiful weather.




Siblings - hope they remain friends forever

Monday, March 19, 2012

Around the yard

Oh my goodness - this is some amazing weather!!!! It is like we jumped right to summer! Now we hope that a frost does NOT come along and destroy tender blossoms/fruit!

We have been out in the yard working REALLY hard. Love it when things seem to be coming together. There are so many things we want to get done around here and it it is nice to see a glimpse of what the future could hold....


We planted 3 forsythia up against the south side of the house. Hopefully these will continue to fill in nicely.


Peach blossom - we planted a few peach trees on the south side of the house to protect them from the elements a bit. If this weather continues this way, we might actually get a crop. Stay away frost! Success with peaches can be iffy in this region....let's hope for the best! :)

Nanking cherry blossoms. The 2nd one has a honeybee on it. Well, actually there were SEVERAL bees on it! POLLINATE little bees, POLLINATE!

Nanking cherry bush

pretty daffodils

We built more raised garden space this weekend. We only had the 4 in the middle that we planted garlic in last fall. We made 4 more and added wood to the sides of all of it, so essentially made 8 more beds. We will need to use some of it for walkway areas, but plan on covering it all with straw/mulch.

This extends our growing garden area greatly. Our annual garden area last year was between the green pole barn and the fence (pic below). We will put up a fence extending from the chain link and surround the raised bed area to protect it from critters. I am excited to have the raised bed area. At some point, I want to get protective coverings or make cold frames and maybe even moveable greenhouses and attempt to grow spinach, lettuce, and other cold hardy plants year round. We are adding blueberries to the northern most beds and asparagus in another section. Garlic is currently growing in some of the middle sections. Not sure if the others are going to be planted this year or not. I may just add some dehydrated manure and let it compost down - get nice and crumbly.

5 varieties of garlic growing well! I can not wait to harvest this!!!

Elvis the rooster

We have a few low tree stumps that are a pain in the ass to mow around so we added a couple of strawberry circles over the top of the stumps in the hopes that the stumps with deteriorate and compost down to the ground. We have more strawberry plants coming soon. I think we are going to have to put some bird netting over several plants as the damn chickens get to them before we do!

Since we got a a crap load of mulch, we are trying to get it spread around quick before the weeds get out of control. We tore up some small arborvitae and replaced them with a couple of blue spruce trees.

Brian says he will clean up the wood pile for me! yay!!!! He is going to place the hollow log pieces around mulched areas and said he would pay for annuals and herbs to be put in the hollow part and they can be used as planters! :)

We mulched around the propane tank. We have thousands of those orange tiger daylilies growing along the roadside on the south part of our property. Last year, I transplanted some around the property and want to add more surrounding the propane tank.

That is about it for now. Busting butt, getting things done! Hope you all are enjoying this unusually warm weather!

Beautiful weather = more outside play!

I thought I would have another month to get things more organized inside the house, but with this wonderful weather we are having, it is not quite happening. It jumped from winter temps to summer temps in a matter of a week! We have been enjoying the sunshine!

Miss Iris

with her friend, Maya.

cutie pie

poor girl - got a rash from the sunscreen or got heat rash or a combination of both. The next day I put a long sleeve shirt on to protect her from the sun.

Sunday, we had both grandmas join us for lunch and play time at the park. How lucky are we?! BOTH grandmas! :)

just a swingin

pretending to vomit...silly kids