Wednesday, April 2, 2014

92/365: Then and Now - Senior Homecoming and Miss Iris

I have this box of past life stuff.  Old pics from high school, school extracurricular fabric letters, past love letters/pictures, etc.  It also had my Senior Homecoming dress in it.  Iris saw it, loved it, I will never again wear it, so now it has been added to her dress up stuff.

I wore this dress over 21 years ago!  I scanned the photo of me and added Miss Iris.  I find it interesting that we are holding our hands in similar ways.  :)  It was not staged this way!  I noticed it after placing them side by side.

I am 25% of the way through my 365 photo project!  Thanks for those that are sticking it out with me!!!!  I am enjoying taking the pics and seeing others creativity!

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Laura said...

LOVE this picture! What a fun thing for you both.